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Shane Coatings Services™ is your one-stop coatings & painting service center. We offer a complete spectrum of professional local coating services and all customized to your exact needs. Full spectrum coating experience is the professional way.

  • Whether you need top quality painting or coating for your industrial, commercial or residential property we’ve got you covered!
  • No matter the size or complexity of your project – Individualized Attention is what sets us apart.
  • Each type of service we offer is thoroughly tested to be to be in accordance with our best practice and best product policy.

Individualism Sets Us Apart

Keep in mind for the best results, Shane Coatings Services™ professionals have experience in the FULL SPECTRUM of coatings. This includes the knowledge of property characteristics each type of coating exhibits. Plus experience to engineer and perform multiple coating operations at once. Not to mention a professional engineered job will run smooth and last as long as or longer than the finishes you currently have.

If you have further questions on the various types of coatings, please contact our coating representatives today. They will be happy to explain why Shane Coatings Services™ uses only high-quality products and maintains the best customer service in the industry.

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Additional Services

We are not just a local painting contractor but also a top coatings manufacturer. Our manufacturing operations produce some of the most technologically advanced superior paint & coating products.

North America’s Coatings and Painting contractor who can produce customized coatings solutions for your project! That means we can manufacture custom coatings to better withstand a particular element, stress, temperature, etc.

With this advanced capability, we are able to bridge the gap between what’s available on the market and what you need for the best possible long-lasting protection.

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